Propel Physiotherapy

Propel Physiotherapy

Urinary Leakage
In Men

Mens Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Moonee Ponds


Common Symptoms:

  • Urinary leakage with coughing, sneezing, laughing
  • Urinary leakage from sitting to standing, exercising, getting in and out of the car or the bed
  • Urinary urgency on the way to the toilet
  • Going to the toilet frequently

Common Causes For Urinary Leakge In Men:

  • Radical prostatectomy surgery
  • Bladder problems eg: overactive bladder
  • Poor or excessive fluid intake
  • Constipation
  • Weak pelvic floor
  • Poor pelvic floor endurance

Urinary Leakage After Prostatectomy

A prostatectomy is usually performed due to enlargement of the prostate, elevated prostate levels and diagnosed/suspected prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the rate of urinary leakage is approximately 90% and can remain up to 90% within a year from the prostatectomy. Thus, pelvic floor physiotherapy to teach pelvic floor exercises is very important to decrease urinary leakage after prostatectomy is very important.

Does Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Help?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is currently the first line of conservative management in managing urinary leakage after prostatectomy. Research indicates that pelvic floor is very effective for decreasing urinary leakage after a prostatectomy. The most effective and fastest improvement and recovery is observed when the pelvic floor exercises are tailored and progressed an experienced pelvic floor physiotherapist and high patient compliance to their exercises.

What To Expect In Your Appointment?

  • A very thorough assessment in the preoperative appointment to check your preoperative pelvic floor and bladder function
  • A personalized pelvic floor program
  • A through and personalized discussion about your fluid intake and bladder habits
  • Discussion about your plans for postoperative pelvic floor exercises and postoperative instructions
  • Guidance for return to normal activity, including return to work