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Mums & Bubs Or Postnatal Clinical Pilates Exercise

Having personally been through a pregnancy and birth herself, physiotherapist Aileen is a firm believer in rehabilitating your body the right and safe way after delivering your baby. There is always a balance between strengthening the core, the upper and lower body whilst ensuring that the exercises remain pelvic floor friendly.

Postnatal mums & bubs clinical pilates exercise is a great way for your improving core strength, lower body, upper body and overall strength during the early postnatal phase.

Core strength is so important as it is acts a deep stabilizing muscle to ensure that your lower back and your posture improves and prevents against postnatal aches and pains in the body whilst you care for your newborn baby.

During the postnatal mums & bubs classes, there is a lot of focus on strengthening the core, toning the pelvic floor muscles, and improving your overall strength. There is also a lot of stretches to improve your posture, especially the muscles in the upper back. Each person’s body is different, and thus, womens health physiotherapist Aileen would be modifying, individualizing and progressing your exercises to ensure that it is tailored to the strength and weaknesses of your body.

Benefits of postnatal mums & bubs clinical exercises classes include:

Improving your core and glutes strength
Reducing your tummy separation
Improving pelvic floor strength
Improving upper body strength
Decreasing and minimizing back and neck pain
Improving postural awareness
Socializing with other mums and babies
Exercising with your baby
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