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Personalised Injury Rehabilitation For Melbourne’s North

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Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing experiences we can have. We all understand the importance of focusing on newborn babies and their health, yet little thought and priority are often given to the mother’s health.

Propel Physiotherapy was founded by physiotherapist, Aileen Sim after she experienced first-hand the lack of postnatal care available for mothers.

By prioritising your own health, mothers can be empowered to be stronger, healthier and in better physical condition to take care of their babies.

Since graduating as a physiotherapist, Aileen initially specialised in orthopaedics, clinical pilates and musculoskeletal rehabilitation within the tertiary hospital setting and the private sector. She completed her certification in pilates (clinical exercise) and combined both her knowledge in exercise rehabilitation and hands-on therapy skill set to empower clients to achieve their goals. Since then, Aileen broadened her expertise to pelvic floor physiotherapy for men and women and women’s health physiotherapy. 

Fiercely passionate about creating a community space where everyone feels comfortable, Propel Physiotherapy strives to provide personalised physiotherapy care for locals in Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Essendon and other surrounding north-west Melbourne suburbs.


Injury Rehabilitation Services & Physiotherapy

Exercise Rehabilitation & CLINICAL EXERCISE (pilates)

Exercise Rehabilitation & CLINICAL Pilates (exercise)

Exercise rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery from injury or pain that aims to restore endurance, muscle strength, power and to improve flexibility. It is suitable for individuals with chronic injuries, hypermobility and for athletes with targeted sporting goals. Exercise prescription is often offered with pelvic floor and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Clinical Pilates or Clinical Exercise is a specialised exercise treatment to help strengthen muscles and facilitate flexibility and movement. We offer 1:1 Pilates, pregnancy Pilates and mums & bubs reformer Pilates. View More

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is the advanced clinical assessment and diagnoses in the treatment of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) conditions. Aileen is highly experienced and qualified in musculoskeletal physiotherapy for men and women. We help individuals relieve or reduce their pain, manage their condition/injury, recover quicker, prevent future injuries, improve muscular strength, quality of movement, coordination and proprioception. Fast-track your recovery with prescribed exercises to do at the gym, home. For private and individualised management solutions and rehabilitation to meet your goals, look no further than Propel Physiotherapy.



Pelvic physiotherapists are specially trained to rehabilitate or strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Compromised pelvic health and continence issues can greatly affect your ability to participate in and enjoy everyday life. It can be a sensitive topic for both men and women and can cause emotional distress and reduced participation in social activities, exercise and intimacy. Contrary to popular belief, pelvic physiotherapy does not only affect women after childbirth and is also common in men. Propel Physiotherapy works to create a comfortable environment and a tailored approach to your pelvic health and incontinence issues with professional pelvic floor treatments.

Mastitis/Blocked Ducts

Mastitis/Blocked Ducts

Mastitis is inflamed breast tissue caused by a blocked milk duct, which left untreated can lead to infection. It can cause great discomfort, with symptoms similar to the flu. One in every five breastfeeding women is affected by mastitis. As a women’s health physiotherapist, Aileen is highly experienced in treating mastitis. Treatment often includes the usage of ultrasound (which needs to be performed as soon as possible), massage to support lymphatic draining, taping and education/advice. We aim to offer an appointment on the same day in the clinic or a home visit service to aid with your symptoms. ​Please call us as soon as possible to receive immediate assessment and management of your lactating breast condition.

Home Visit Physiotherapy

Home Visit Physiotherapy

Here at Propel Physiotherapy, we are passionate about tailoring our services to all, with a particular focus on mothers. We understand that finding time to take care of yourself may not feel possible or like a priority, despite the discomfort you may be experiencing.  That’s why, to provide the ultimate personalised care, we offer home visits to patients within a 6 km radius of Moonee Bonds. This includes surrounding suburbs like Brunswick and Essendon.  Please contact us if you require a home visit.

our great clients

“Love the Pilates class that Aileen runs, she’s great at what she does and she really cares for all of her clients.”

– Charlotte C.

“Aileen has a warm and non-judgemental approach which made me feel at ease and comfortable during the classes. I found the way she explained stretches and exercises gave me a good understanding of each muscle group, with descriptions of what action might trigger stress, e.g. breastfeeding. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and shares her experience kindly and without pressure.”

– Kaylia D.

“saw Aileen for diastasis recti, after pregnancy– but casually mentioned my headaches and she immediately identified a tight c1 joint.

She treated it on the spot and have not had a severe headache since. Booked in to see her fortnightly (will be moving onto monthly as per her recommendation after a a few sessions)- and I travel 35-40 min to see her.

Highly Recommended.”

– Jonnevie C.


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At Propel Physiotherapy, we believe in the power of individualised treatments. Based in Moonee Ponds, only 7 km north-east from Melbourne’s CBD, our clients throughout Brunswick, Essendon and surrounding suburbs receive the highest quality of one-on-one physiotherapy treatment. Offering evidence-based, reliable and lasting solutions to a range of problems ranging from movement issues, incontinence, mastitis and more, it is our mission to provide a personalised, accessible and affordable treatment for everyone.

We can guarantee the quality of our treatments thanks to our wealth of experience in managing musculoskeletal injuries and women’s and men’s health physiotherapy. For effective and timely care, extensive knowledge and skills, your health is in good hands with Propel Physiotherapy. 

We conduct comprehensive analysis and assessment, combined with treatments, evidence-based exercise prescriptions and highly-effective manual therapy to ensure optimal recovery from any injury or related ailment.