Clinical Exercise (Pilates) & Group Classes

Clinical exercise (Pilates) offers a range of safe, specific and effective exercises to treat an array of injuries or conditions, including lower back pain and chronic pain. It is also used by athletes to improve movement and recovery, as well as injury prevention. Unlike regular Pilates conducted by a Pilates instructor, Clinical Exercise (Pilates) is done by a trained physiotherapist with an in-depth knowledge of injury, pathology, movement patterns, bodily function and healing.




Some other benefits of Clinical exercise (Pilates) include




  • Improve balance and stability
  • Strengthen and tone
  • Improve bone density
  • Enhancement in movement, agility and flexibility
  • Improve technique in specific movements (e.g. dance, running and golf)
  • Appropriate for all age groups
  • 1:1 session include reformer guided exercise session
  • Prescription of home exercise program
  • Stretching
  • Spinal mobility exercises
  • Dynamic stability
  • Core rehabilitation








Introducing exercise regimes, such as reformer and mat prescribed exercises, can also be extremely beneficial during pregnancy or for prenatal mums. The movements will help to strengthen deep abdominal muscles, postural, and pelvic floor muscles, either accommodating your growing baby, or, if you are a new mum, empowering you to return to your normal activities, whilst preventing injuries.




We welcome all mums or mums-to-be throughout Moonee Ponds and the wider Melbourne area. 






At Propel Physiotherapy, we offer a range of classes to help you achieve your goals. We offer one-on-one clinical exercise (Pilates) assessment and group classes that can be done both as a once-off and on an ongoing basis. The reformer Mums & Bubs class is a generic class which runs for a term of 8 sessions with 10 people in a class at Studio 3.


These classes are all pelvic-floor friendly and tummy separation safe. Exercises in the class include core exercises, pelvic floor exercises and exercises to stretch the chest and upper back out and to improve posture. Our clinical exercise (Pilates) class is a targeted class for all conditions. It is a 3:1 class with exercises and an individualized program that is prescribed to the client with any musculoskeletal dysfunction or pelvic floor dysfunction and to ensure achievement of their personal goals.


Like the Mums & Bubs class, clinical exercise (Pilates) classes are also pelvic floor safe and tummy separation safe. All babies are most welcome. Please refer to clinical exercise for more information. Refer to our timetable for class time and sessions.



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