Postnatal Check-up

Postnatal check up by a womens health physiotherapist

Congratulations on having your baby! During this early postnatal stage, we want you to look after yourself, the better you are, the easier it would be to look after your baby. 


Questions that we answer during your postnatal checkup: 

  1. Do I have a tummy separation? Should I be worried about my tummy separation or core weakness? 
  2. My pelvic floor feels weak. What should I do? 
  3. I had back pain and pelvic girdle pain during my pregnancy. Will it be worse in my next pregnancy?
  4. What exercises are safe for me at my current postnatal stage? 
  5. I have ongoing wrist pain. Can you give me more advice about it? 
  6. What can I do to prevent tightness in my back or a poor posture? 


What does the postnatal check-up include? 

Womens health physiotherapist Aileen listens and cares about you, your needs, and wants to ensure that you have a smooth transition into motherhood.

During your postnatal checkup, she tries to be as thorough as possible, and would complete: 

  • Tummy separation & core activation check with core home exercise program 
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment or your back, neck, upper back and management plan for your aches and pains 
  • Postural assessment including during common functional task (eg: getting on/off floor or breastfeeding posture) 
  • Pelvic floor muscle strength assessment 
  • Return to exercise discussion 

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